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    Fun facts about your sign here

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    Erykah Badu Desert Vison Questing

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    Venus Rising..

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    Blue. St Marks NY. Summer 2013

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    Urban Castle  - (via) | VE

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    OHWOW will soon be inaugurating their LA gallery with a solo exhibition of recent work by New York-based tattooist-turned-fine artist Scott Campbell. The exhibition, entitled “Noblesse Oblige”, is Campbell’s West Coast debut and expands on his tattoo-inspired sculptures formed out of cut dollar bills; one new cubic piece, which measures over two-foot in width, uses $5000 worth of currency to create an intricate sunken relief. 

    Consumed on Campbell from 2007 is here.

    More on the above here, some NSFW: HUH. Magazine - Scott Campbell, Noblesse Oblige

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